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Surgical Clinic I

Surgical Clinic I

The clinic focuses on the following operations:


Gastroenterological surgery

(visceral surgery) For benign and malign diseases of the gullet, the gastro-intestinal tract, gall-bladder, bile duct, liver and pancreas.

This surgical technique, which we introduced in 1992, is employed for appendicitis, in case of inguinal or cicatrical rupture, diseases of the colon or duodenum, and for treating patients suffering from pathological overweight.

Endocrinological Surgery

Operations of the thyroid, parathyroid, and suprarenal glands. Removal of a parathyroid tumour can prevent the development of serious diseases. By removing a tumour from the adrenal medulla (Phaeochromocytoma), a critically massive increase of blood pressure is avoided.

Paediatric Surgery

Treatment of infants and children for the various kinds of fractures, as well as malposition of the testes and dysplasia of the intestinal organs.


Thoracic Surgery

Treatment of lung cancer, which becomes progressively more widespread, and the various forms of pneumothorax. Thoracoscopy today is a minimally invasive operation which enables us to remove areas of the lung suspected to be tumourous, or carry out surgery on the thoracic part of the patient's autonomic nervous system in a manner which puts the least possible strain on the patient.

The operating rooms are equipped with digital subtraction angiography (DSA), chromatic Duplex-ultrasonographs for examining the vessels, Sentinel-lymphadenectomy with appropriate detector probes on some patients with skin carcinoma, as well as a video set for endoscopic examination of the colon and endoluminal ultrasonography of the rectum.

Surgical Clinic I

Head physician:

Prof. Dr. Markus Golling

Tel: 0791-753 4201

Fax: 0791-753 4904







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