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Spiritual Welfare / Services

The most important thing in spiritual welfare is time - time for the patients' matters of concern, time to consider their past and future, to think about faith, God, and the world.

It is essential for spiritual welfare to look at the "whole" person and do justice to his or her personal situation.

The men and women working at our spiritual welfare centre can and do take time for you. You best contact them through the head of your ward, or by calling them directly (7 53-40 48). Under this number, there is somebody on call day and night.

Spiritual welfare offers:

  • Personal visits to the sick-room
  • Talks with patients and relatives
  • Services for patients in the church room of the hospital:
    Tue, 6:30 p.m., Protestant
    Thur, 4:00 p.m., Catholic
  • A Catholic message of greeting is broadcast on the house radio every morning at 9:05.
  • Evening prayers are Mondays through Fridays, 7:30 p.m., at the 'Auferstehungskirche'.
  • Service at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays at the 'Auferstehungskirche'.

All services and prayers are broadcast on the house radio

Spiritual Welfare

Hartmut Bullinger

Evang. Pfarrer

Stationen W3,  W4,   W5 

Tel.: 0791 753-2011


Irmtraut Endreß

Evang. Pfarrerin

Pfarrstelle mit Schwerpunkt Unterricht und Seelsorge

Dr. Andreas Hinz

Geschäftsführer Pfarrer (evang.).

Zuständig für die Bereiche Mutterhaus und  in der Behindertenhilfe
Unterricht in Krankenpflegeschule und Weiterbildung

Tel.: 0791 753-2010


Christine Kaier

kath. Pastoralreferentin

Tel.: 0791 753-4057

Hans-Joachim Pötzl

Evang. Pfarrer, leitender Krankenhauspfarrer

Stationen H 1.2,  H2,  H 4.1,   H 4.2,   H8,   H9,   W3,   J,   TP

Tel. 0791-753-2120

 Martin Weidenfelder

Evang. Seelsorger in der Altenhilfe

Tel.: 0791 753-2121

Magdalene Zimmermann

Evang. Diakonin

Stationen B1,  B2,  H 1.1

Tel. 0791 753-2030


Angelika Ullrich

Tel. 0791 753-2011
Fax 0791 753-2048

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