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Neurosurgical Clinic

Neurosurgical Clinic

The neurosurgical Belegklinik

(-> Explanatory Note) was opened in 1993, and attends to patients suffering from diseases of the nervous system and anatomical structures close to it (skull, spinal column), both patients who have to be operated on and those who cannot be.

Surgical Treatment:

disk prolapses of the cervical or lumbar vertebrae

  • Mikrosurgical operations
  • Percutaneous operations (liquefaction and removal by suction of disks)

Chronic Backache:

  • Operations to stiffen the vertebrae
  • thermocoagulation of the vertebral joints ('sclerotherapy')

Surgical treatment of brain and myelic tumours

Surgical treatment of head and spinal injuries

Surgical treatment of the peripheral nervous system (nerve injury, nerve constriction syndromes)

Operative pain therapy, e.g. stimulation of the spinal marrow, implantation of medicator pumps

Non-operative care:

(conservative treatment)

Physical therapy of discogenic or other vertebral conditions

sodium chloride (common salt) treatment (hypertonic dehydration) of disk prolapses

Head physicians:
Dr. med. Michael Dette
Dr. med. Thomas Hopf
Dr. med. Torsten Enk
Gerd Steffen 

Tel. 0791 753-4890
Fax 0791 753-4895




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