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Neurological Clinic

Neurological Clinic

Diseases of the brain, the spinal medulla, spinal nerve roots and the nerves branching off the spinal medulla, as well as of the muscular system, are all part of what neurology is concerned with. The most common cases include strokes due to vascular occlusion or haemorrhage, multiple sclerosis, epilepsies or non-epileptic seizures, nerve inflammations, neuralgiae or pain syndromes of various causes (e.g. discopathy), brain tumours, encephalitis, Alzheimer's Disease or other kinds of dementia, and Parkinson's Disease.

Other examples for such means are electromography for testing the function of peripheral nerves and of the musculature and standard or Doppler ultrasonography for examining conditions of the cerebral vessels, i.e. constriction or inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain, or of afferent vessels (carotid or vertebral arteries).

Because of their severity, and the paramount importance of the nervous system, neurological diseases are often fateful to those afflicted by them. Thus, the primary aim of our section is to offer diagnostic and treatment according to the latest developments, and permanently bring our diagnostic technology up to these developments.

Head physician:

PD Dr. Birgit Herting

Tel. 0791 753-4670
Fax 0791 753-4918


Chief Medical Secretary:
Gabriele Schilling

Tel. 0791 753-4670
Fax 0791 753-4918


Neurologische Klinik
Diakoniestraße 10
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

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