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Clinic for Radiotherapy

Clinic for Radiotherapy

The Clinic for Radiotherapy at the Diak cooperates closely with both the surgical and non-surgical clinics in our house, as well as with specialised hospitals and consultant physicians throughout the region. It thus performs radiotherapy of malign tumours, as well as some benign diseases, in interdisciplinary co-operation.

From a statistic point of view, every fourth person will sooner or later be faced with cancer. Almost two thirds of all cancer patients are given radiation treatment at some point of the disease. The success rate may vary greatly, depending on the type and stage of the cancer. Radiotherapy is both an effective and a reasonably priced kind of therapy for both curative (healing) and palliative (alleviating) measures.

External radiotherapy mainly uses high-energy photon and electron radiation created by a therapeutic linear accelerator (picture). Every year, the Institute for Radiotherapy at the Diak performs approximately 10.000 external radiation treatments on cancer patients. Additionally, it has a modern High-dose-After-loading apparatus with an Ir 192 source at its disposal for internal (intra-cavitary/ intersticial) radiation treatment.

The whole radiation treatment can be simulated in advance on a major computer (Plato®) by means of computer tomographies taken before, and the spread of the dosage within the volume aimed at can be exactly calculated ahead and tested on three-dimensional depictions. The areas calculated for radiation are projected onto the skin in a special x-ray apparatus (simulator) and indicated there. Extensive quality assurance measures enable a routine control of the radiation areas in the therapeutic ray. Tumour treatment at the Institute for Radiotherapy focuses on the mammary carcinoma (breast cancer), the prostate carcinoma, and the bronchial carcinoma (lung cancer).

Apart from tumour treatment, the Institute for Radiotherapy at the Diak performs about 2.500 successful radiation treatments per year on benign, inflammatory or degenerative diseases.

Clinic for Radiotherapy

Head physician:

Dr. med. Gerlo Witucki


Tel 0791-753 4841

Fax 0791-753 4911

E-Mail: gwitucki@diaksha.de

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