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Clinic for Internal Medicine

Clinic for Internal Medicine

With several general medicinal wards, a ward for treatment of infections and an intensive care unit, we attend to about 5.000 patients a year in a total of 148 beds.

The spectrum of medicinal diseases contains acute problems such as myocardial infarct (heart attacks) and arrhythmia, thyroid and other metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, acute poisoning, and differentiated examination and treatment of tumour patients.

Chronic diseases also make up an important part of our work, particularly cardiasthenia, chronic lung diseases, anaemia, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as well as of the joints, and chronic pain.

Attached to the section is a geriatric ward, which provides extensive means to care for the elderly.

At present, the clinic is being expanded to include a cardiologic ward which will contain the equipment for a left-heart cardiac catheter examination. With this equipment, a graphic representation of the coronary arteries and thus, in many cases, immediate treatment of a constriction of these arteries, will also be made possible at our hospital. Many patients with heart attacks and pains in the heart can then be treated without delay and without having to be transferred.

Clinic for Internal Medicine I


Head physician

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Lothar Jahn

Tel. 0791 - 753 4413
Fax 0791 - 753 4418


Head physician

Professor Dr. Alexander Bauer

Tel. 0791 753-5120
Fax 0791 753-5122



Clinic for Internal Medicine II


Head physician

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Markus Menges

Tel. 0791 753-4401
Fax 0791 753-4910



Clinic for Internal Medicine III

Head physician

Dr. Thomas Geer

Tel. 0791 753-4403
Fax 0791 753-4969



Tel 0791-753 4401
Fax 0791-753 4910
E-Mail: inneremedizin@diaksha.de

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