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Children's and Adolescent's Clinic

Children's and Adolescent's Clinic

About 2.500 children are admitted into the clinic every year. Relatives' visits are possible all day long. The wards can also offer admit parents along with their children.


There are 5 wards:


1. Ward for premature births and new-born babies

2. Infants' Ward

3. Intensive Care Unit

4 .Children's Ward

5. ward for treatment of infections

We closely cooperate with the obstetrical section of our hospital, on which the second preventive examination of new-born infants is carried out by our paediatricians. They are also present at caesarean sections and high-risk births. If necessary, children from surrounding hospitals such as Öhringen, Crailsheim and Künzelsau, are brought to the diaconal hospital in a special infants' ambulance.

The paediatric section also cares for children who are injured or upon whom operations have to be performed.


Paediatric Neurology and Social Paediatrics

Paediatric neurology diagnoses and treats children with the following disorders:

  • neurologic and neuromuscular diseases
  • epilepsies
  • multiple handicaps
  • developmental anomalies
  • rehabilitation of states caused by craniocerebral trauma or inflammatory defects of the central nervous system
    psychoreactive or psychosomatic disorders with behavioural anomalies
  • children with psychosocial problems and disorders
    (This area is getting progressively more important.)

In paediatric neurology, care for the patients must needs be multidisciplinary. This is an indispensable characteristic of all work in paediatric neurology and social paediatrics

Social Paediatrics' Centre ('Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum', thus SPZ)

The social paediatrics' centre (SPZ) is an ambulant establishment for the diagnostics, treatment and support of disabled children or those threatened to become disabled. It is a point of intersection of clinical paediatrics, rehabilitation and public health service.

The SPZ is based on a team of doctor, psychological service, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, logopaedia and social service. At the SPZ, we diagnose and treat children and adolescents with the following disorders, without age restriction:

  • multiple handicaps
  • developmental anomalies
  • "School problems" in all areas of performance (incl. weakness of concentration and hypercinetic syndromes)
  • epilepsies
  • neurologic and neuromuscular diseases
  • psychosocial problems and disorders
  • rehabilitation of states caused by craniocerebral trauma or other defects of the nervous system
  • motoric disorders (ideomotion groups offered in cooperation with the TSG Schwäbisch Hall (sports and gymnastics group.)
  • Another focus is developmental neurology, i.e. the aftercare of children who were born prematurely or in high-risk births.

Children's and Adolescent's Clinic

Head physician:

Priv.Doz.Dr. Walter Mihatsch

Diakoniestr. 10
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Tel. 0791 753-4507
Fax 0791 753-4914



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